January 28 - March 12, 2023
Suzdal, Larets Gallery
Curator: Andrey Bartenev
The theme of "Star Wars" and popular culture in general, in conjunction with crochet creates a unique contrast. This project is simultaneously warm and ironic, presenting a series of portraits and objects that are connected both literally and metaphorically.

The bright, contrasting forms are easily memorable, and the texture of the loops evokes feelings of childhood, warmth, and coziness. These distant "stars" seem closer and more familiar. You can feel them and take cover in their warm fabric. Like the dark matter of the universe, permeating everything, the threads of these works connect the past, present, and future. The shining stars resemble beads and rhinestones. The sewn-on "crystals" flicker like the jewelry of a mother who used to insert a cassette or put on a new film disc. The very personal aspect, combined with the mass-produced, offers a unique opportunity to feel the meaning of the concept of "connection". We are connected. Everything is connected.