2022 - in process
Censorship suppressing art and freedom versus censorship aiding artistic language improvement. These ideas will be explored and developed in the project, along with discussions on examples of censorship, its impact, and responses to it.

In "Censorship Weaved Together," all elements are intertwined to form a complete picture of censorship that can be seen, felt, and perhaps understood.
Selected works in the series:

1. "In Squares" - A meticulously crafted series of crochet images depicting significant moments in history translated into a pixelated art form.

2. "Handmade" - A woolen square accentuating the importance of female sexuality and its self-sufficiency.

3. "Chimney in the warm" - A site-specific street art project depicting a black and white, pixelated kiss between John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

4. "Sex and Orchids" - A large-scale art knitting piece where a restrained color palette combines with elements of censorship and eroticism.